Giessenfall und Wisenbergturm


From Sommerau train station, the trail leads up to the ‘Rünenberger Giessen’ waterfall. The 18-metre column of falling water has, over millions of years, eroded the cliff face and revealed strata of chalk and marl – the signature stone of the folded Jura. The ‘Wisenbergwärts’ adventure trail leads up to the Wisenberg tower, which offers an unparalleled wide-ranging view. Passing the Bad Ramsach hotel, the route ends up at the recently renovated Homburg ruin.

Length: 11.8 km
Altitude: 580 m
Duration: 3:30 h
difficulty: difficult

Wasserfall Giessen
Erlebnispfad Wisenbergwärts (Infos unter
Ruine Homburg

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